10 Things I Love About Summers!!!

I remember how my Grandmother, whom we fondly call ‘ Dadi ’ always used to say, ” One should enjoy all the seasons of the year. Blessed are those people who get to enjoy them all. ” And frankly, at that time when I was growing up, I never understood what she meant. I, on the other hand used to gripe how it’s so hot, we have to face electricity shutdown and what not.

But as I grew older, I started seeing and understanding what the old adage ” Count your blessings, ” meant.  Yes, being able to experience all the seasons is no doubt a privilege. Though in Karachi, Pakistan, summers are long and winters are short. But still I get to indulge in loads of summer fun, food and activity.

I am sharing with you all SOME of my favorite things to do in summers. Lets dive right in 😉



What better way to cool your body and senses then to jump right in to the pool or dip your toes in the sea/ocean. Summers are a great time to go out for picnics at the beach or having a fun day at a water park. My recommendation is to leave home early at the crack of dawn so as to avoid the blazing sun and reach the place early so as to avoid crowds and enjoying before the sun comes out in its full glory.


Aah who doesn’t love ice-cream? I do and summer gives one an excellent excuse to indulge in tub full of ice-creams. YUM 😉 I personally like having mango and coffee ice-cream. And believe me I don’t feel guilty one bit too 🙂 Another favorite thing I like to eat is the heavenly GOLA GANDA that is colorful shaved ice topped with fruit syrup, jelly and condensed milk…yummy <3


Crop tops, sleeveless shirts, off-shoulder tops and so many other variants of shoulder baring clothes I simply LOVE them in summers. They not only keep our body cool whilst looking chic and effortless, but they also enhance the feminine beauty of us ladies 🙂


There is something about summers that beckons me to wear bright-colored clothes and accessories. May it be shirts, sunnies, bags or shoes, you name it, I just love wearing orange, yellow or coral. Somehow I feel the colors look flattering against our medium toned skin. I also like wearing my blue, green and white ensembles but somehow bright-colored stuff triumphs over the subtle one 😉


Summer time calls for warm and enveloping fragrances for me. I like to smell good. Period. And that also all year round. But in summer time, when our body produces lots of bad odor, I like to spritz myself with long-lasting fragrances. And in that regard, I find the warm, comforting scent of vanilla and coconut perfect. Also the scents remind me of a tropical island paradise <3

My Current Picks


Summer is the best time to indulge in so many variants of fruits. I simply love them and during summers we get so many fruits that one can easily say that it is a fruit riot in Karachi 🙂 Starting from the king of fruits Mango, plums, prunes, melons, grapes, cherries, sapodillas, watermelons and the list goes on. I just love this time of the year.


Winters make me awake. Whilst I love sleeping in the day time in summers. Either its the sun or the cool air of the AC, I just like to doze off and awake more refreshed in the evening.


rimmel stay matte powder

Summer is the ONLY time I like to slap powder on my face. I don’t like looking like a disco ball. And I tend to sweat a lot. Hence powdering my face with translucent powder goes without saying. I like to use the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in the shade Translucent. Its light weight, doesn’t clog pores and sits beautifully on the skin. Perfect for hot and humid summer months.


Slurp away cool drinks, sherbet, lemonade, shakes, smoothies and everything chilled and sweet under the sun. I just adore it. Though I am not a fan of soft drinks but cold coffee, hell yeah. I drink that Every. Single. Day. 😀


April Favorites slippers

I am a huge fan of flats. Sandals of all shapes and sizes in all colors appeal to me. Summer is an excellent time of the year to put your best foot forward and show the world your cool sandal collection. Fun, quirky and colorful look best and are comfortable too. You got to let your feet breathe bro 😉

So, there you have it. I could have included some more of my favorite things of Summer but maybe next time 🙂 Lets keep this till here for now.

What are your favorite summer activities? Or do you like winters more?

MAHA <3 <3 <3