Sephora Middle east Haul


I finally got to visit Sephora when I visited Dubai. Every Makeup junkie’s dream come true is entering into the Sephora store.  You can find almost every and any thing related to makeup, beauty and skincare under one roof.  Its so cool and so much fun!!  Though, I do have to say, that shopping in Dubai is mighty expensive, BUT there are days when you find some awesome deals too 😉


I was like a little girl who had just been granted her favorite wish whilst roaming around in Sephora. I was smiling from ear to ear and feeling on top of the world. But I was clear as to what I needed. I had my pre-made list so that I don’t get lost and buy unnecessarily. I visited the Sephora store located in the Mall of the Emirates. Unfortunately, you don’t find a lot of new releases and stuff there.


Anyhow let me show you guys what I bought? 🙂 I shall start off with the Sephora Brand sheet masks.



Hair sheet masks are the NEW kids on the block 😉 I have yet to try these out. But they intrigued me enough that I grabbed them instantly.

I bought two HAIR sheet masks, though there were four different varieties to choose from. Read on to further know about their deets. Let’s go:


  1. SEPHORA Shea hair sleeping mask


Sephora Middle East Haul


2SEPHORA Acai hair sleeping mask

Sephora Middle East Haul

  • These sheet mask come with a hair cap and a hair mask.
  • One needs to apply them on dry hair and leave them overnight to work its magic.
  • The hair cap secures the hair and doesn’t let the whole experience get messy 😉
  • The ACAI one is for boosting shiny hair and locking in the hair color.
  •  The SHEA one is to provide hair protection, softness and less hair breakage.

Super excited to try these. Shall share if they deliver or not.


Now comes the Face sheet masks. Here we go:

  1. SEPHORA Rose face mask

Sephora middle east Haul

It is for ultra moisturizing and brightening.


2. SEPHORA Pearl face mask

sephora middle east haul

Perfecting and brightening the skin.


3. SEPHORA Avocado face mask

Sephora Middle east Haul

This mask is for nourishing and repairing the face.


4. SEPHORA Algae face mask

Sephora middle east haul

This mask is for purifying and detoxifying the face.


5SEPHORA Orchid face mask

sephora middle east haul

This one is for anti-aging and smoothing.


6. SEPHORA Lotus face mask

Sephora middle east haul

Moisturizing and soothing one.


8. SEPHORA Green tea face mask

sephora middle east haul

Mattifying and anti-blemish. I would say this would be great for summers 🙂


9. SEPHORA Pomegranate face mask

sephora middle east haul

Anti-fatigue and energizing one.


There was a huge variety to choose from. There were masks present even for the lips, hands and feet. I opted for these, as I felt they would complement my combination skin type more. I also got a dry shampoo in the hair department, the much raved about OUAI DRY SHAMPOO FOAM

Sephora middle east haul

I got a travel sized one as I first wanted to try this out. If it suits me and if I like it enough, I might go for the full sized one 🙂


In the category of makeup, I had some wishlist items from NARS and YSL. Unfortunately they weren’t available. That was a major bummer for me 🙁  Anyways I did end up buying some stuff which I was on the fence for some time.


  1. benefit Galifornia Blush

sephora middle east haul

Sephora middle east haul

Sephora midd;e east haul

This blush is pure LOVE. It smells of tangerines and the color is beautiful. A perfect spring/summer color.

I also got my hands on two liquid lipsticks from KAT VON D.

Sephora middle east haul

sephora middle east haul

These are:



sephora middleeast haul

sephora middleeast haul

I opted for the newer version of Lolita as this looked more brighter and appealed to my taste. First impressions: I like it, but for a proper review, I need to test it out 🙂



Sephora middle east haul

While swatching all the liquid lipsticks, I was quickly drawn to this nude-y pink color. Simply because, I definitely don’t own any color like this. Its gorgeous.

Here’s a picture of my collective haul:

sephora middle east haul

That’s all for today. I shall be sharing my views on all the products soon. So keep an eye out for that 🙂

Also have any of you guys tried these products? What are your thoughts on them?

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