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For Face makeup I usually stick to my tried and tested formulas, though I do try out different products now and then and as a Beauty Blogger that is what my work is all about, trying and testing out new products and launches BUT in all honesty, I am a tradionalist at heart. I usually stick to my favorite products till I run out of them ?

In today’s post I shall be discussing my go to favorite face makeup products that have never disappointed me and I use these to achieve a flawless makeup. Some of these products are my absolute favorites and which I am not ready to part with just yet ?

Let’s start in no particular order:


I hate the packaging BUT I love ❤ the powder. I have talked about this powder in my previous posts as it is worth talking about. This powder is super light weight and finely milled. It sits beautifully on the skin without making the skin look or feel heavy.

I also notice my skin somehow looks poreless whilst I use this baby. Love this and I keep going back to this powder no matter what.



face products I rely on

I have multiple back ups of this concealer and though I have my NARS and TARTE concealers, I still prefer using this over them. Why? Let me tell you:

  1. Firstly it’s drugstore and super affordable.
  2.  Secondly It doesn’t crease.
  3.  The formula is very light weight.
  4.  Gives my under eyes a flawless finish.
  5. Heck! I have used this all over my face and it still looked beautiful ?

My love for this concealer is really strong. I thoroughly ENJOY using this.



face products I rely

face products I rely on

I was that girl who NEVER used a bronzer. I don’t know why but I was always a bit skeptical about putting it on my face. But after watching a gazillion tutorials, I jumped right in and used it albeit a bit apprehensively on my face and NOW there is no looking back.

A bronzer warms up the complexion beautifully and brings back color and shape to a flat canvas after the application of foundation. This particular bronzer is my favorite as the color is perfect for my light to medium complexion. Whenever I am going full glam, I always use this to lightly warm up my complexion and add dimension to my face.



face products I rely on

face products I rely on

I have a travel size version and a full size version of this super iconic blush. The color is just perfect to get that fresh peachy pink glow one gets after a loving activity ?? So many companies have come up with dupes of this gorgeous shade: NYX, Wet n Wild to name a few. And some have come quite close to getting the exact shade BUT I still prefer buying this over the dupes.

It is simply perfect: the color, the micro mini golden shimmer which is so minor and not glittery or chunky at all. I do agree that the price point is high but frankly its worth it.


5. theBalm cosmetics FRAT BOY BLUSH

face products I rely on

face products I rely on

Another favorite blush that I use everyday specially in daytime is this one. The color is a pale pink which gives the skin one of the most natural and beautiful color on the cheeks. The staying power is pretty good. It lasts a good 5 to 6 hours on my face.

The blush gives off a very natural look on the skin. It is not powdery instead it is very finely milled. Natural yet beautiful.


6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit light to medium

face products I rely on

face products I rely on

Contour, Bronze or highlight THIS palette has got you covered..like literally. For my powder contour I ONLY use this palette and nothing else. The yellow banana powder is my favorite in this palette. I use it to apply it under my eyes to brighten them and it instantly does the job.

The powders are of excellent quality. The shade range is good. You have 6 powders. The top layer has a peachy toned powder, a yellow toned powder and a matte highlight. The second layer has three contour shades to use. You can mix and use OR you can use these individually.


7. Benefit POREfessional Primer

face products I rely on

One of my favorite primers to date. Currently I have 3 backups of this primer lying around in my makeup stash. Whenever I have used this primer, I have never been disappointed. It magically blurs out my gigantic pores and somehow makes the makeup last quite long on my face.

My foundation applies seamlessly on my skin and blends beautifully. I have tried so many different primers. Even the smashbox one doesn’t come close to it ( my opinion).



face products I rely on

Face products I rely on

From extending makeup wear time and setting the base, these babies are super essential for a flawless look. This completes the final look. Locks in the makeup and melts the makeup and meshes it with the skin.

The ones I always reach for are:

1. MAC Fix Plus

This is bae ❤ For a softly illuminated look, I use this. This gives my base an ethereal glow, don’t know how? But it does. I only whip this out for special occasions though.

2. Urban Decay All Nighter Spray/de-slick Makeup setting spray

Another staple in my makeup stash is this genius. This makes my makeup stay put for long periods. Specially when it is hot outside, this setting spray rescues my makeup from a meltdown. This is hands down one of the best setting sprays out there. Period.

3. NYX Dewy Finish Long lasting spray

Now this beauty is reserved ONLY for winters, when we crave glow-y skin the most as our skin is like the sahara desert. I like the formula of this setting spray. You GLOW baby. A couple of sprtizs and your skin bling blings. How cool is that?



Face products I rely on

The first and THE most special highlighter palette which is my HG is the Ambient lighting Palette by Hourglass. Though these are marketed as finishing powders but If you want a lit from within, ethereal glow on your skin you need this in your life. I haven’t experienced anything like this palette. The powders are so finely milled that its magic. Seriously.

These are not chunky, glittery or sparkly BUT they impart the most beautiful lit from within glow that one can ever get. I love this palette ❤❤❤

Another favorite Highlighter is the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Highlighter in 01If you want a popping highlight, this will give you just that. It can be built up without looking chunky or glittery. Really good finish.

You can find these products on just4girls.pk or at daraz.pk.

So there you have my most favorite makeup products that I have mostly used in 2017. Have you used any of these? What are your thoughts on them?


MAHA ❤❤❤