Four Awesome Lip Product Discoveries!

Four awesome lip product discoveries


Put On Some RED Lipstick

And Live a Little ??


Red color empowers me, specially wearing red lipstick. I have my share of beautiful red toned lip products which I adore. This color instantly uplifts the mood and somehow looks good on Almost everyone. There is a shade of red for every skin tone. This post is all about four favorite lip product discoveries I made in the last year. Three of the lip products are of red color, hence the whole red discussion ? Read to know all about my yummy discoveries.

  1. Benefit BENEtint 12.5 mL/0.4 US fl.oz./$30.00

four awesome lip product discoveries

four awesome lip product discoveries

Ignore my hairy arms and kindly focus on the said product swatch? Isn’t it lovely. I am a sucker for lip tints and naturally flushed cheeks and bee stung lips. And this product does that exactly. You can layer this multiple times and it won’t look or feel gloppy.

The consistency is liquid-y but it doesn’t drip like crazy. Easy to work with. This imparts a rosy tint on the lips and cheeks. It can be built up and toned down. Staying power without eating is for a good 5 to 6 hours. It doesn’t transfer but it does fade away from the lips but in a natural way. For occasions when one doesn’t want to look too made up, this product is excellent to use.


2. SEPHORA CREAM LIPSTAIN ALWAYS RED 01|1.3 ml|0.04 fl.oz.| $14.00(Price mentioned is for the full size )

Four awesome lip product discovries

Four Awesome Lip Product discoveries

Four awesome lip product discoveries

This is one of my most favorite lip discoveries of 2017. I am in love with this product. This is a true red which is cool toned. It is creamy yet matte. Stays put NO MATTER through eating, drinking, kissing ? You name it. It does transfer but surprisingly, doesn’t feather or fade out weird.

Has a vanilla scent and the color pay off is opaque. It is easy to work with and upon removing the product, it leaves behind a gorgeous stain on the lips. This is easily available in Sephora stores online and in the outlets too. I got a deluxe sample as a free gift but its actual price is $14.00 for the full size.


3. LUSH RUBY RED LIP TINT e4g / Limited Edition

Four awesome lip product discoveries

four awesome lip product discoveries

Unfortunately, I can’t find the link to this product online. Probably because it was limited edition and came around the time of Christmas and though this makes me sad ? BUT I shall still discuss about the awesome qualities of this product. In the past I have only used one product from the company LUSH, their lip scrub. And I love it absolutely. I have re-purchased the lip scrub countless times. Its totally worth it.

On to the Lip Tint. So on my trip to Dubai last year, I happened to visit the LUSH store and got myself two of their goodies. This RUBY RED lip tint is one of them. I can not begin to tell you all how much I love this product. It has a matte formula, stains the lips beautifully. Stays on the lips for hours. It does not budge or transfer. Eat, drink or sleep, this bad boy won’t come off. The color is an orange-y red which is brightening for the complexion. Wear this alone and you will look gorgeous.

It has a minty feel and smell. On application the lips feel cool and comfortable. Best lip tint till now.


4. HUDA BEAUTY Liquid Matte Lispstick/ $27

four awesome lip product discoveries

Huda Beauty has one of the best liquid lipstick formulas out there. I tried out the liquid lipstick last year and fell in love with the formula instantly. The formula is thin and comfortable to wear on lips.

The scent is like a vanilla candy but not over powering. Another good thing about her liquid lipsticks are that they are not overly drying. Staying power is pretty good. There are a myriad colors to choose from. Pick a color and I am sure you’ll like it ?


Have you guys tried any of the above lip products? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have any good Lip product recommendations? Do share away.


Until next time

MAHA ❤❤❤