I never thought I would own a violet shade of lipstick and carry it with aplomb. But thanks to Massarat Misbah Lip Varnish in Viola I could achieve this and not look silly ? I purchased this lip varnish with another shade MM Orange which I have reviewed HERE. Read on to know my thoughts on this sexy violet goodness. Massarat Misbah launched two new shades this summer and as soon as I saw them, I literally ran towards the nearest Depilex salon(owned by Massarat Misbah) and bought them in seconds. No swatching, no prior research and I just grabbed these. Probably because somehow, in my heart I knew I would like them and IRead More →


I don’t shy away from wearing Orange. This color packs a solid punch and makes the other person stop in his tracks and take notice for a while ? Agreed, it’s not for the faint of heart but I like my bold colors and when this summer Massarat Misbah Makeup launched MM Orange, I couldn’t stop myself and rushed to get myself this orange goodness ? How did it fare? What are my thoughts on it? Read on to know the real deal on this shade of lipstick. The Massarat Misbah Lip Varnish in the shade Orange is a beautiful, bold and bright true orange shade. It comes in a matte black tube with a secure capRead More →

And its that time of the month where I share with my lovely readers about the products I used up and loved every bit of it. I just adore writing about my product empties ? I don’t know why but I get all excited while typing down all about the cool attributes of my used up products ? Weird? I guess not ? So lets start the show…shall we? NEUTROGENA makeup remover cleansing towelettes $7.99   These 25 Pre-moistened Towelettes are amazing. They are gentle enough to be used around mouth and eye area. Doesn’t irritate the skin. It effectively removes all traces of dirt, grime and makeup. Even waterproofRead More →


There is always an excitement and anticipation in the air when I do a Haul, be it micro or macro I jump up and down like a child specially when I receive it ? The not so thrilling part? Paying the bill ? Hehehe ? Anyways I ordered some cool and much needed stuff from the website ENDULGING. There are only 3 products I ordered,  which I will be sharing with you all in this post. Lately, more than makeup my interest has been shifting to skincare. Frankly it was always this way as I like a clean and well groomed look with a clear complexion, bright eyes and rosy cheeks and lips.Read More →

My favorite everyday wear lipstick currently has to be MAC Cosmetics Plumful. My love for this lipstick runs very deep. I keep reaching for this although I have a lot of other favorite every day wear lippies. Maybe its the color or the texture, whatever it is I keep reaching for this all day every day. Although, I have a backup of this lying in my vanity drawer, but I am still scraping the last remaining little bit left at the bottom of the tube ? That’s what love for a certain product can do to you ? M.A.C PLUMFUL DESCRIPTION This is a muted mid tone pink lipstick withRead More →

Phew! That was a long caption ? I had been thinking about sharing with you all the makeup products I use on a daily basis. My daily wear makeup is very minimal. Nothing very fancy shmancy. My focus is to look well-groomed and presentable. I loathe to wear makeup on a daily basis. YES! I know this may come as a surprise to some of you what with me being a beauty blogger and all. But I do like reviewing products but I am NOT makeup obsessed ? I like to keep my skin clean and healthy and basically let it breathe. But whenever I do wear makeup theseRead More →

Eid-ul-Adha 2017 came and went by slowly. Why I say this is because on this Eid the excitement fizzles out pretty fast unlike Eid-ul-Fitr 🙂 I say this for a number of reasons. But whatever the reasons may be, I do get decked up and enjoy as after all it is a time of celebration and festivity. Hence, on this Eid also I decked up and wore a dress which was basically a part of my wedding trousseau that I had not worn for the last 12 years :0 YES! I wore this shalwar kameez in my initial years of marriage, once or twice maybe.Read More →


  I have been Hauling from here and there, collecting stuff that I needed and I am ready to share the details with you guys. I shall be giving a mini review of the things I have used as we go along our post. Want to know what I hauled? Read on to know all the yummy details 😉   BATH and BODY WORKS I bought five body mists from Bath and Body Works, since they were having a huge sale. I am currently using the sheer cotton and lemonade fine fragrance mist. The other four are: Tutti Dolci pink peony creme. This fragrance is a mix of fruity andRead More →

lip scrub

My most loved Lip Scrub from Lush finished up recently, and I was left with no magic potion to tackle my sometimes dry and flaky lips. Yes, I know, I can google the recipe for a Lip Scrub and concoct my own creation but I didn’t, why? Because I wanted to try the lip scrubs by Scoop O Scrub for a long time and ordered one right away. I shall be reviewing the lip scrub in today’s post. Read on to know my thoughts on the scrub. SCOOP O SCRUB The brand Scoop O Scrub is owned by a very smart and bright entrepreneur AreejRead More →

five products

I LOVE writing posts where I get to share my favorite products or finds with you all. I don’t know why, but it gives me immense pleasure. Hmm… Maybe I am the sharing type that’s why? 😉 Anyways in today’s post I shall be sharing some recent favorite products, some are old and others are my new-found love 🙂 Here we go 🙂 CHARLOTTE TILBURY FULL FAT LASHES MASCARA This is a new find for me. If you have been following my blog for some time, you would know I recently hauled quite a lot of products from Charlote Tilbury. The Full fat lashes mascaraRead More →