Maha’s Corner is a Karachi, Pakistan based Blog. The Blog is about Makeup and Skincare. The Blog welcomes.

  1. International Collaborations.
  2. Products, samples and gifts from Brands and PR agencies.

Importance Of Asterisk (*)

I shall be putting up an asterisk(*) on anything that has been sent to me for PR purpose that is reviewing a product or even when it is gifted by a Brand where they do not expect the product to be put on social media platforms. This includes giveaways from Blogger events.


A very popular term these days, which I am sure you all are aware of in the online world. Whenever I create a post with a brand which is paid for, I shall declare in the first line this post is in Collaboration with BRAND.

Rules For Product Review

I go by certain rules for reviewing products. Brands and PR agencies sending in products for consideration should understand the following:

  1. Kindly send in properly packaged products for review purpose. Any product that is not properly packaged or is tampered or defected shall be returned promptly. I may ask for another product for replacement. Reviewing a defected product ensures half baked review.
  2. Different Products need different time for testing out. Hence I shall require the desired time before posting my opinions on the Blog. If I would require further assistance in gaining information relevant to the product, I may ask the company for it, as it may help with better understanding of the product.
  3. I don’t post any press releases or announcements OR about products and events which I am not a part of. Kindly refrain from sending me such posts, messages and mails to publish. I simply delete them.
  4. As a human being I value Honesty and Trust most important in my life. Likewise on my blog I have and shall always post 100% honest reviews, thoughts and recommendations. If a product doesn’t work for me, I reserve the right to either talk OR not about it on my Blog.
  5. Please refrain from telling me what to write or not to write. My Blog, my rules. Yes, I don’t believe in bashing a brand or product but constructive criticism never harms anyone.

To My Audience

You all are THE most important part of the blog. Whatever you see on my blog is 100% honest, real and authentic in terms of my reviews and opinions.

I am not a Master in reviewing products. Something that works for me may or may not work for you. Its okay. We are all different and we should all embrace each other with our differences.

If a skin issue occurs and if a makeup product reacts with you that may have been recommended by me, I will not be held responsible. Kindly seek professional help if you are not sure of any product before purchasing it.

Photo Courtesy

All photos published on the blog are owned by me. Photos that are not mine shall be stated or linked to the source.

I do not permit my blog photos to be used, if you wish to use my photos kindly email me at [email protected]


All the content published on Maha’s Corner is owned by Maha Shahid, unless stated otherwise. Any sort of copyright infringement may lead to a penalty.