Benefit Galifornia

    Benefit GALifornia is the type of blush which makes me all happy and sunny. I really like a good blush or best you can call me a blush girl through and through. Benefit Cosmetics Box of Blushes have always been my favorites. I have used almost all of their blushes and adored every bit of them. I have to be honest though, before purchasing this blush I wasn’t too sure. In the pictures it looked like another dupe of the iconic NARS Orgasm blush. But the heart wants what it wants, so when an opportunity arrived where I could buy the said blush,Read More →

makeup removal

  Makeup removal is a tedious task. But an important one to say the least. For a healthy, glowing and nourished skin, this is a vital step which one shouldn’t skip come what may. And believe me, when the skin is properly cleansed, toned and moisturized it feels great ? In today’s post I shall be discussing all the steps I take to take my makeup off. I get tons of messages to discuss the said topic. So here we go ?   CLEANSING My first step is to cleanse my face. To do that I start off with an oil cleanser. Currently I am using the RiceRead More →

face products staple

  For Face makeup I usually stick to my tried and tested formulas, though I do try out different products now and then and as a Beauty Blogger that is what my work is all about, trying and testing out new products and launches BUT in all honesty, I am a tradionalist at heart. I usually stick to my favorite products till I run out of them ? In today’s post I shall be discussing my go to favorite face makeup products that have never disappointed me and I use these to achieve a flawless makeup. Some of these products are my absolute favorites and whichRead More →

I got some lovely MUA( Makeup Academy) goodies along with some Jordana cosmetics products in my goody bag last month in the Beauty Bloggers meet up on which I did a post recently.  So today my post will be on the MUA products I received. Following are the products I received: MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in the shade Lush MUA Matte Lipstick in Fawn Fancy MUA Mascara in shade 6 MUA Intense Color Eye liner Pencil in the shade Berry Wine Elf regular and waterproof Mascara Duo Green colored Bracelet Lets start with the cream blusher. PRODUCT CLAIMS Creates  a soft dewy finish forRead More →