Benefit Galifornia

    Benefit GALifornia is the type of blush which makes me all happy and sunny. I really like a good blush or best you can call me a blush girl through and through. Benefit Cosmetics Box of Blushes have always been my favorites. I have used almost all of their blushes and adored every bit of them. I have to be honest though, before purchasing this blush I wasn’t too sure. In the pictures it looked like another dupe of the iconic NARS Orgasm blush. But the heart wants what it wants, so when an opportunity arrived where I could buy the said blush,Read More →

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick

  Liquid Lipstick wasn’t my best friend some time back. I used to shy away from them, in-fact I ran away to the opposite direction multiple times, when I heard the word LIQUID LIPSTICK. Not anymore. I have come across some good and comfortable formulas which do not dry the lips out and stay put for hours. Kat Von D is one of those companies whose liquid lipsticks are very comfortable to wear with a wide range of color selection. Last year, while on vacation I bought the shade Double Dare from Dubai. Read on to know all my thoughts on the product. KAT VON D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick inRead More →

makeup removal

  Makeup removal is a tedious task. But an important one to say the least. For a healthy, glowing and nourished skin, this is a vital step which one shouldn’t skip come what may. And believe me, when the skin is properly cleansed, toned and moisturized it feels great 😀 In today’s post I shall be discussing all the steps I take to take my makeup off. I get tons of messages to discuss the said topic. So here we go 😀   CLEANSING My first step is to cleanse my face. To do that I start off with an oil cleanser. Currently I am using the RiceRead More →

Mesmerizing Eye Favorites

  ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul’. Amongst all makeup products, the most I love are for the eyes. I am not a pro at doing eye makeup but I strive to practice and improve my eye makeup skills whatever chance I get. I shall be talking about some star eye products that have upped my eye makeup game and helped me achieve some classy eye looks.   EYE PALETTES HUDA BEAUTY TEXTURED SHADOW PALETTE Rose Gold Edition The first Eye shadow palette that Huda Beauty launched is a beautiful gem. It has got mattes, pressed pearl and 3D metal shadows all encased in aRead More →

Four awesome lip product discoveries

  Put On Some RED Lipstick And Live a Little 💄💋   Red color empowers me, specially wearing red lipstick. I have my share of beautiful red toned lip products which I adore. This color instantly uplifts the mood and somehow looks good on Almost everyone. There is a shade of red for every skin tone. This post is all about four favorite lip product discoveries I made in the last year. Three of the lip products are of red color, hence the whole red discussion 😜 Read to know all about my yummy discoveries. Benefit BENEtint 12.5 mL/0.4 US fl.oz./$30.00 Ignore my hairy arms and kindly focus on theRead More →

face products staple

  For Face makeup I usually stick to my tried and tested formulas, though I do try out different products now and then and as a Beauty Blogger that is what my work is all about, trying and testing out new products and launches BUT in all honesty, I am a tradionalist at heart. I usually stick to my favorite products till I run out of them 😜 In today’s post I shall be discussing my go to favorite face makeup products that have never disappointed me and I use these to achieve a flawless makeup. Some of these products are my absolute favorites and whichRead More →

Sephora Middle east Haul

  I finally got to visit Sephora when I visited Dubai. Every Makeup junkie’s dream come true is entering into the Sephora store.  You can find almost every and any thing related to makeup, beauty and skincare under one roof.  Its so cool and so much fun!!  Though, I do have to say, that shopping in Dubai is mighty expensive, BUT there are days when you find some awesome deals too 😉   I was like a little girl who had just been granted her favorite wish whilst roaming around in Sephora. I was smiling from ear to ear and feeling on top of the world. ButRead More →


Aand we are finally just two months away from welcoming the New Year!! How exciting and a bit surreal too. Frankly this whole year has literally fast forwarded and I am just amazed at the pace of my life. I kind of like it and I kind of don’t. Pretty confusing. Right? But that’s the way it is right now. Anyways I am here to share with you all some of the products that I am digging into currently. Lets start 🙂   1. Dessert For Your Face Red Velvet Rouge Hair Oil So, I am a total lazy ass when it comes to hair oiling.Read More →


In a sea of drugstore beauty products and companies coming up with new and exciting makeup releases, one gets super confused as to which product to buy and which to let go. Specially, when amongst all that is released every few months, some products get lots of hype and others don’t. Sometimes the hype is real and well worth it and other times its just THAT. A HYPE. Nothing else. I have tried and tested a couple of wonderful beauty products in my 3 years of beauty blogging and some of which have become my staple products. These products in my opinion are well worthRead More →

Its time for the monthly favorites girls 🙂 September was a month where I tried new products, some of which made it to my Favorites list. I am passionate about typing down my favorites and empties posts. These posts make me very excited as I get to talk about many  products in a single post and I also like sharing with you guys my experience after using them. Lets see which products made the cut the last month 😉 1. Giorgio Armani Si moisturizing perfumed body lotion. I am OBSESSED with this perfume and anything or everything even remotely having the fragrance of this body lotion. Frankly IRead More →