Sephora Middle east Haul

  I finally got to visit Sephora when I visited Dubai. Every Makeup junkie’s dream come true is entering into the Sephora store.  You can find almost every and any thing related to makeup, beauty and skincare under one roof.  Its so cool and so much fun!!  Though, I do have to say, that shopping in Dubai is mighty expensive, BUT there are days when you find some awesome deals too 😉   I was like a little girl who had just been granted her favorite wish whilst roaming around in Sephora. I was smiling from ear to ear and feeling on top of the world. ButRead More →

Dubai Haul

  I did some major damage to my cash bank while visiting Dubai, this past year 🙂 Hola! my friends. And a very Happy New Year. I have been very much MIA( missing in action ) majorly owing to my health. Before I share my teeny tiny Dubai fashion haul, let me fill you in on a major life update.  This past year I suddenly experienced a sharp pain along my left shoulder, which started from my neck and shot down into my fingers. Interestingly, the pain did not stop EVEN after taking an aspirin. This got me worried like crazy. To cut a longRead More →


There is always an excitement and anticipation in the air when I do a Haul, be it micro or macro I jump up and down like a child specially when I receive it ? The not so thrilling part? Paying the bill ? Hehehe ? Anyways I ordered some cool and much needed stuff from the website ENDULGING. There are only 3 products I ordered,  which I will be sharing with you all in this post. Lately, more than makeup my interest has been shifting to skincare. Frankly it was always this way as I like a clean and well groomed look with a clear complexion, bright eyes and rosy cheeks and lips.Read More →


  I have been Hauling from here and there, collecting stuff that I needed and I am ready to share the details with you guys. I shall be giving a mini review of the things I have used as we go along our post. Want to know what I hauled? Read on to know all the yummy details 😉   BATH and BODY WORKS I bought five body mists from Bath and Body Works, since they were having a huge sale. I am currently using the sheer cotton and lemonade fine fragrance mist. The other four are: Tutti Dolci pink peony creme. This fragrance is a mix of fruity andRead More →

I am in Charlotte Tilbury heaven. The name Charlotte Tilbury is synonymous with luxury. I remember watching a video two years back, where a famous beauty guru kept gushing about how she loved almost all of the Charlotte Tilbury beauty products. For a minute I thought it is all gimmicky, I mean how could someone like everything CT(Charlotte Tilbury) But, as I delved more into the Luxurious world of beauty products by the brand CT, I couldn’t stop falling deeply and madly in love with it. To the extent that I placed a pre-order through the website Endulging, they have a Facebook page by theRead More →

I had been holding on to my must have M.A.C products to buy list for some time now, I thought that on my next trip to a foreign country I shall indulge in some M.A.C shopping madness 😉 But God was generous to me. My husband had to go for a course to America and I thought why not ask my  Hubby to get me some make-up goodies from abroad, albeit a bit apprehensively, I handed him my list with no expectations, as he has never taken me to Sephora 🙁 yet. Anyways I do have to give him the credit for getting almost everythingRead More →

Every Make-up lovers dream is to shop till you drop in Sephora. Though I am a Beauty Blogger and have travelled quite a lot BUT I have NEVER set foot in Sephora :0  Yes, I kid you not. That is true. Owing basically to spending more time on sight-seeing and less time on shopping. As all my trips are with my family and we make it a point to stick together and have family fun and activities involving all four of us. So how do I buy stuff from Sephora?  I pre-order the things that I want through Facebook pages that buy and sell Make-upRead More →

Back in the day when I was studying in my College, I used to love accessorizing my outfits with trendy, funky and sometimes traditional pieces of accessories. I think you can totally change the look of ANY outfit with your choice of these baubles and trinkets 🙂 Nowadays we have a wide array of choices to choose from when it comes to accessories. Funky, traditional, tribal, edgy, fierce, delicate, chic…you name it and you have it 😉 So, I thought why not grab me some trinkets and wear them to my pleasure. Hence, I started searching for some charm bracelets and traditional hoops and landedRead More →

If there is one attractive kiosk of a Make-up Brand that always makes me want to try its new products and play with it, then it has to be Essence Cosmetics. I don’t know maybe it is the inner girl in me, who likes all things pink and girly and yes Barbie too, that instantly gets attracted towards its counter. Don’t know, don’t care because I have been mostly impressed by the Brand and it’s products 🙂 On a recent trip to a Superstore I again checked out the Essence Cosmetics kiosk and lucky for me and the salesgirl too( as I buy quite aRead More →

On-line Beauty Supply companies are upping their game. And it is very easy to order through them and receive the order on time 🙂 One such page that I am recently been ordering through quite a lot is the face-book page AMOR. They have some of the best in-stock items and the prices are also pretty reasonable. Their whole process of ordering and delivery is quite efficient and on time. Also you are given a proper printed receipt with your stuff. How professional 🙂 The page also offers discounts and sometimes also adds small gifts for its loyal customers. I shall be linking their FacebookRead More →