Haul: ColorPop, BnBW, HudaBeauty, Essence!!!



I have been Hauling from here and there, collecting stuff that I needed and I am ready to share the details with you guys. I shall be giving a mini review of the things I have used as we go along our post. Want to know what I hauled? Read on to know all the yummy details 😉



BnBw mists

I bought five body mists from Bath and Body Workssince they were having a huge sale. I am currently using the sheer cotton and lemonade fine fragrance mist. The other four are:

  1. Tutti Dolci pink peony creme.


This fragrance is a mix of fruity and floral.


2.  Gardenia and fresh rain.

gardenia bnbw

This is fruity yet woody and musky scent.


3.  Almond and Vanilla (Kathleen Lights recommendation)


This fragrance and another one is an absolute favorite of mine. It is a beautiful cocktail of warm Vanilla mixed with almond. Perfect for people who like warm and comforting scents.


4.  at the BEACH ( Kathleen Lights recommendation)

beach bnbw

beach BnBw

This one is a gorgeous fragrance of a tropical paradise. It smells divine. It kind of smells of vanilla and coconut. It’s like one is vacationing in the Bahamas 😉 I also like the bottle of this fragrance.

All the above fragrances are 236 ml/8 fl oz which is quite A LOT to go through. But I am loving these fragrances and shall be enjoying them for a very long time 🙂


HAUL From the Facebook page ENDULGENCE

I also bought quite a few things from this makeup and beauty page on facebook by the name Endulgence. They have a website too. They have cash on delivery service and are very efficient and good in handling orders.  Following are the things I bought:

  1. SKINDINAVIA The Makeup Finishing Spray

skindinavia mist

This makeup finishing spray is raved by the likes of WAYNE GOSS the famous you-tuber and makeup artist. I had my eyes on this for so long and grabbed it as soon I could get it. It is supposed to be an excellent makeup setting spray and claims to last for up to 16 hours.



cinema secrets

Tati Westbrook another famous you-tuber raves about this makeup brush cleaning set. I haven’t used it as yet but I can tell you guys that the cleaning liquid smells heavenly. I find this pretty handy as it comes with a metal tin with a lid. One has to pour a little amount in the tin and just dip the brush in it, no need to rinse or wash. Just dab it on a tissue and you’re good to go. It also has a quick drying formula, which is another bonus for while using in travelling 🙂

3. benefit HOOLA Bronzer

benefit hoola

Another cult favorite makeup product which I sadly did not own till a couple of moths back, I happily announce I have added to my stash 🙂 I personally LOVE benefit cosmetics products. I like their packaging specially. The whole cardboard and vintage theme just excites me.


4. HUDA BEAUTY liquid matte minis THE PINK EDITION

huda beauty

huda beauty

I wanted to try the Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks. So when I saw the mini editions of her lippies I quickly grabbed one that interested me the most. The set contains 4 hand-picked mini liquid matte lipsticks which are:


huda beauty

gossip girl huda

gossip girl swatch



trophy wife huda

trophy wife swatch

trophy wife huda



huda beauty

icon huda

icon swatch



huda angelic

angelic huda

angelic huda swatch

I like all the colors in this pink edition set. The formula is extremely light weight. It doesn’t settle in lines or cracks. One can easily layer the colors. Over all my experience with these liquid lippies are satisfying.


COLORPOP blotted lip

color pop blotted lip

The whole idea and look of a bee stung lips is very appealing to me. I like the natural look where it looks as if the skin is naturally dewy and rosy and lips are like rose petals. Hence when COLOURPOP came out with these blotted lips, I quickly ordered these super excitedly. Mind you, this is my first time using colourpop and I was super disappointed. They are very dry and very difficult to work with. One has to go over the lips with the lipsticks again and again to get some color. The color pay off is also not opaque. I shall be probably giving these away 🙁

Anyways following are the shades I ordered:



colorpop bees knees

beesknees swatch



ice cube blotted lip

ice cube blotted lip

blotted lip

ice cube swatch


ANASTASIA BROW WIZ in dark brown

brow wiz

If you guys want your brow game strong, you’ve got to have this in your makeup stash. I personally pay much less attention to my brows. But since I got my hands on this product, doing my brows has completely changed. I quite enjoying filling and shaping my brows 🙂

So this was my collective haul from Endulgence.

Now lets move on to some drugstore goodness 😉


ESSENCE COSMETICS Instansetting t MATT Makeup spray

essence makeup spray

I sweat like a pig, hence my obsession with makeup setting sprays. So on my weekly trip to the shopping store, I saw this setting spray at the essence cosmetics kiosk and I grabbed it instantly. Haven’t used it yet, but if its promising I shall let you guys know.



essence matt 01

essence matt 01

essence matt 01

I tend to shy away from nude lipsticks, probably because I have pigmented lips and nudes simply wash me out. But this gorgeous peachy nude color got me so mesmerised that I instantly purchased it. Its beautiful and so creamy and opaque.


ESSENCE COSMETICS hair/arm bands


Nothing special about these, I simply liked them and bought them. Simple 🙂




hairband details



hairband detail

I ordered these fancy hairbands through a Facebook page One click away. I simply adore these cute yet fancy embellished hair bands. You can see these on almost every beauty guru on Intagram sporting this. Love these.


PHEW!! That is all at the moment. How did you guys like my haul? I have linked all the products, you can check their prices and details by following the link. Hope you liked this post.


MAHA <3 <3 <3