Collecting empty bottles and jars of the products that I have used up over the last few months isn’t an easy task. Specially when I don’t like collecting trash. On the contrary, I LOVE throwing anything that is sitting on its behind for too long without being useful 😉 But ONLY in the case of good beauty products that I like to share my thoughts on them with you, that I resort to collecting them all empties. By now you must have guessed what today’s post shall be about. So lets just jump right in. Shall we? Read on to know my worth re-purchasing empties 😋Read More →

And its that time of the month where I share with my lovely readers about the products I used up and loved every bit of it. I just adore writing about my product empties 🙂 I don’t know why but I get all excited while typing down all about the cool attributes of my used up products 🙂 Weird? I guess not 😉 So lets start the show…shall we? NEUTROGENA makeup remover cleansing towelettes $7.99   These 25 Pre-moistened Towelettes are amazing. They are gentle enough to be used around mouth and eye area. Doesn’t irritate the skin. It effectively removes all traces of dirt, grime and makeup. Even waterproofRead More →


Want to know which products I used up till the last drop? Then read on to know all about my favorite Empties of the last two months. L’OREAL MYTHIC OIL  I am a lazy bum when it comes to oiling my hair BUT I do religiously use LOREAL MYTHIC OIL on my hair after each wash. This oil is just beautiful. It smells divine and is an excellent concoction to tame frizzy hair. It can be used on damp or dry hair. Just section your hair and use it on the ends and length of the hair . It’s best to concentrate on the ends of theRead More →

I have been saving up these product empties for quite some while. As it’s the holy month of Ramazan, one tends to get a bit slow as we function on less than half of the fuel needed for full throttle functioning. Anyhow, I shall be sharing with you all  FIVE product empties that I have been loving and re-purchasing for quite some while. Lets start 🙂 NIVEA anti-perspirant natural fairness Mirror mirror on the wall who has the fairest underarms of them all? ME 😉 A bit cheesy, I guess 🙂 But jokes apart I seriously have fairly good and clean under arms. That’s because I careRead More →

My Birthday month is here…APRIL..and we have officially entered in the fourth month of the year. I have accumulated quite a lot of my product empties. Will I be re-purchasing any of these products again? Read on to find out 😉 GARNIER BODY TONIC | INSTANT FIRMING HYDRATING LOTION Any body care cream that reads FIRMING on its label, I instantly grab it. I like to pamper my body skin as much as my face. So, I picked this up and every night before going to bed I used to apply it all over my body. My skin felt supple, soft and hydrated. Plus there wasRead More →

Product empties and Favorites of the month are two posts that I enjoy writing THE most(as I am sure you guys must have gauged by now;)) I literally stalk-Err… that sounded  creepy..I know. But well, I just love watching videos or reading posts about such products. There is an innate curiosity in getting to know what the beauty Gurus use to keep themselves looking like a million dollars. And frankly, though I can not buy all that they suggest, but whatever I have purchased by following their recommendations, seldom have I been disappointed 🙂 And that is another reason for me writing down such posts.Read More →

I have for you all another exciting Product Empties post 🙂 In today’s edition I have a mix of products ranging from Body, Skin and Lips 😉 Want to know all about it? You will have to scroll down to get all the scoop yo :p   L’OREAL HYDRA TOTAL 5 PURIFYING GEL WASH This particular Face-wash is THE ONLY face-wash I have been using for the past year or so. I have re-purchased this numerous times. This is a gel based face wash which leaves my skin feeling clean and not tight at all. As I have a combination skin type, this gel washRead More →

Hola ladies 🙂 As the month of December is at its end and we enter a New Year, I thought I would share with my lovely readers about some of my favorite products that I have used religiously and purchased almost every time again and again after they empty up. Now we use a lot of different products either on a whim or we want to and sometimes we end up hating certain things 🙁 and sometimes there are products which pleasantly surprise us. So the products I am sharing with you are those which have pleased me 🙂 So without much further ado letsRead More →