Five Product Empties For The Month Of May

I have been saving up these product empties for quite some while. As it’s the holy month of Ramazan, one tends to get a bit slow as we function on less than half of the fuel needed for full throttle functioning. Anyhow, I shall be sharing with you all  FIVE product empties that I have been loving and re-purchasing for quite some while.

Lets start 🙂

  1. NIVEA anti-perspirant natural fairness

nivea anti-perspirant

Mirror mirror on the wall who has the fairest underarms of them all? ME 😉 A bit cheesy, I guess 🙂 But jokes apart I seriously have fairly good and clean under arms. That’s because I care for my under arms BUT also because I use this anti-perspirant for frankly, I don’t remember how long. With the added bonus of Vitamin C and AVOCADO extracts, without having colourants or preservatives, this is a pretty good anti- perspirant under arm saviour. It claims to keep the area clean up to 48 hours. I can’t vouch for that claim but yes on me it stays for a good whole day. And girlie, I kid you not, I sweat like a pig! It also doesn’t irritate my delicate under arm area.  So if you want smoother and fairer under arms with the added bonus of smelling fresh all day long, do give this a try 🙂


Nivea fairness hand cream

Another favorite staple from the Nivea natural fairness line is this hand cream. I have been re-purchasing this hand cream for quite a while, and never once have I been disappointed. This particular hand cream is for dry hands and claims to give hands a fairer and even-toned  skin. It has a fast absorbing formula and is non greasy. It’s UVA/UVB filters help to protect the skin from further sun damage. It has liquorice and berry extracts. My experience is very good with this cream. Whenever I use this I see a noticeable change in my skin. It becomes fairer and even toned. That is why I keep this on my vanity table all year round. Come winter or summer, this hand cream is my staple.


Oriflame foot cream

This foot cream with 10% urea and intensive repair complex is like a soothing balm for cracked heels or dry feet. I don’t suffer from cracked heels a lot But I have dry feet which in turn sometimes make my feet uncomfortably dry and a bit cracked. When I used this foot cream, the first thing I noticed was its consistency which was like a thick balm. This cream/balm is very good for massaging in. I found this to be very comforting for dry feet. The feet become so soft and pretty looking. Yes! pretty looking as they look supple and taken cared for. Another thing is that the feet remain soft for the whole day and the next day some 🙂 Pretty good I must say.

4. dr. brandt microdermabrasion age defying exfoliator

dr brandt

I got this mini sample sized tube along with my online makeup order. On first use, I quickly loved this citrus smelling exfoliator. It has micro mini particles which are so gentle and non abrasive on the skin. After using this exfoliant, my skin was super smooth and bright as if I had a quick facial. I shall be re-purchasing this now but in a large size:)

5. BANILA CO. clean it zero

Banila co

This tiny sample I got also along with my online Korean Beauty Haul some while back. I used this a couple of times and loved the ease which came with its use. Simply put, taking off makeup with this cleansing balm was super easy and every single trace of makeup came off in a jiffy. Just take a small amount on the fingers apply on the face, massage and either wash the face with water or use a damp clean towel to clean the face. Either way face is devoid of makeup and best part is that there is no tugging or pulling. The skin is also soft post cleansing with this balm.

So there you have it. My top five product empties. Have you used any of these products? Which ones do you like the most?

MAHA <3 <3 <3