Scorching heat, traffic jams and high fever couldn’t stop me from visiting Karachi Gymkhana, on 18th May 2016 for the Exclusive Meet and Greet with the gorgeous and talented Chemistry Major and a famous Perfumer from London, UK, Ayesha Ziya of AyeshaZiya Fragrances  . The Meet and Greet was attended by Bloggers and media people, editors and reporters from different magazines and newspapers.

It was an intimate question answer session where the host and Director Marketing Erum Masood of Memediaglobal and who is also handling the PR of Ayesha Ziya Fragrances, interacted quite nicely and in a friendly way with each and every person attending the meeting. Ayesha Ziya answered all the queries in a very detailed and humble way. She told us that how from collecting resins of wood from trees all around the world, it is soaked in oils for days and even months to acquire the desired fragrance . Due to the rarity and difficulty in acquiring the resins for Oudh , it is known as liquid gold. That’s why the value of Oudh is more than a hundred thousand dollars :0 Now this was pure knowledge for me, as I had no idea about any of this prior to this meeting.

We were also given beautiful black gift boxes with Ayesha Ziya written in Gold on both sides. The box contained all 5 of her luxurious and exotic Oudh fragrances in 2ml sample sized spray bottles.


Ayesha Ziya is a Chemistry Major and the CEO and Founder of Ayesha Ziya Fragrances. Her fragrances are a unique blend of Oudh and exotic oils resulting in some very exciting and enticing scents which have the essence of Oudh but the feel of an expensive French perfume:)  Her Fragrance range comprises of five scents namely Irum, The Oud, Signature Oudh, Royal Mirage and Islah. All of the fragrances have their own different and distinctive scents. Her Fragrances are NOT the usual run of the mill Oudh scents but High End and exclusive with a quality of being everlasting and exotic.

Her fragrances are stocked in London, Doha and South Africa. They have been featured in the British VOGUE Magazine and GQ Magazine 🙂 Huda Kattan the famous Blogger and YouTube sensation, loves her Fragrances and terms them her personal favourite 🙂

Ayesha Ziya with her Oudh Fragrances.

Me with  Ayesha Ziya

with the Director Marketing Erum Masood of Memediaglobal

With Salome Paulus

Pakistan Beauty Society Girls


So, after creating ripples all around the world, she is set to launch her Fragrance brand Ayesha Ziya Fragrances in Pakistan in the month of Ramadhan 🙂 Isn’t that exciting? The price range will be starting from Rs.5500/ and it will be stocked in selected Salons, Hotels and Boutiques.

I have noted down my favourites and am sure to grab them once they launch 😉 So keep your eyes peeled for more info on these Luxurious and velvety enticing fragrances coming very soon near you 🙂

You can check more about her fragrances on www.ayeshaziya.com 

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