Glamorous Face U.S.A Color Stay Over Time lipcolor

Glamorous Face U.S.A is a local Pakistani Brand and some of its products are very good in quality. They have a wide range of Make-up products under their belt. Their cheek palettes and Eye-shadow palettes are some of the BEST out there. Pigmentation is amazing. Since I had been listening here and there about the good quality of their products, I went to a local Superstore to grab some of its products to test and play.

I got myself a Glamorous Face U.S.A Color stay lip-color 15 and an Eye-shadow palette. In this post I shall be reviewing the Color stay lip-color 15.


Glamorous Face U.S.A Color Stay Lip-color 15

Glamorous Face U.S.A Lip-color is a Color Stay Overtime lip-color. The Company claims that it is “Kiss proof lipstick”


The Lip-color comes in a basic card-board box packaging. On top is a picture of the lip-color with a small opening cut out to show the lip-color tube. On one side all the ingredients are listed. On the back side instructions are given on how to use the product. Also mentioned is the production date and expiry date which is pretty good and important.


11 ml


On opening the box the tube of the lip-color comes out. To me the tube is quite sturdy. The twist-able top is silver in color. On top of the tube with silver color it is printed Glamorous Face U.S.A Longlasting Matte KISSPROOF Liquid Lipstick.

I can’t pinpoint the actual scent but it is not overpowering or chemically. The applicator on the wand is flat and I found this very useful to fill in the color on the lips and also for outlining my lips.

The Color in the tube looks kind of like a milk chocolate brown but upon application it turns dark brown and much like a vampy brown. The color applies beautifully and so comfortably on the lips. I experienced NO tugging, flaking or dryness on my lips. I felt as if I am applying colored butter on my lips :0 YES that is how smooth it is. The lip-color can be layered on easily without the product crumbling off. I layered both while the lip-color was wet and when it dried down and felt no issues.

Color payoff is amazing. The only thing is that the color does darken upon drying down. It dries down to a matte finish. It did accentuate my lines BUT did not break or settle in my lines or crumble apart. It felt very comfortable on my lips.

Staying power is super. I would easily say that it stayed on me for a  good solid 6-7 hours eating and drinking dinner included. And it did not transfer. The color stayed put with only dimming from the middle.


Okay so I am not good at lip swatches but I am working on it. So bear with me girls 😉 Still I am trying so I can give you an accurate idea of the color on my skin tone 🙂


Swatch outside



Rs. 185/



Naheed Supermarket



I would say this is an awesome liquid lipstick. It has so many pros and is a very good budget buy.

  • Non drying formula.
  • Smooth application.
  • Does not flake or crumble.
  • Long wearing.
  • Does not feel tacky.
  • Butter smooth.

I really like this Lip-color and I am glad I purchased this as I have found a hidden gem in this product 🙂 Just a little tip before I sign off, always prep your lips by scrubbing and moisturising before applying ANY matte lipstick or liquid lipstick 🙂


Till next time


MAHA <3 <3 <3